“We just need another designer for a few weeks” said the voice on the phone. What was described as a light redesign, became a complete overhaul of the website of one of the largest newspapers (by circulation) in the Midwest. Four months, countless all-nighters, and innumerable late night pizzas later the redesign was delivered.

Starting with the masthead we reworked the paper from the ground up. Since the paper was primarily read in print form, we structured the navigation to reflect the print edition so articles live in the same sections in both formats.


Because this is a newspaper the reading experience was of primary concern. We worked to keep all meta content (title, date, author, byline, etc.) above the fold, even on small tablets. Because the Star Tribune is known for their photography, we left ample room for the photos. Below we have the article. We were careful to keep line lengths to a comfortable, readable length, while still leaving room for related content. Lastly we removed advertising, from the reading area, and separated the comments into their own section.


Some other work