About Us

Project is a small studio in MN, we like working with clients who want to try something new, and make the world a better place.


Arthur Beisang

A UI/UX Designer and proud Minnesotan, I've spent a decade working on projects inside and outside of companies, from small apps, to giant e-commerce systems, to physical/digital and IoT products. I have tons of experience creating prototypes, and working rapidly and iteratively with small teams to create new products with a purpose.

When not working I can be found outside with a camera, and I can be found in the wilds of the internet as @abiv.


Hannah Beisang

Resident illustrator and storyboard artist. You can see her work throughout the projects on this site. Her storyboards have given many projects the perspective and context needed to create thoughtful results, and her illustrations have given projects the life they need.

Hannah is open for freelance, and you can see more of her work here: www.hannahbeisangdesigns.com